IRIS Jumbo Litter Box Review

IRIS Jumbo Litter Box Review

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When taking care of your cats, you want to make sure that they are comfortable in all parts of their daily lives including when they have to poop and urinate. This means that you should have a litter box for your cat so that they have a comfortable place which will serve as a toilet. Not only will it make it easier for your pet, but it will also make it easier for you as a pet owner.

Iris Jumbo Litter Box

The IRIS Jumbo Litter Box is one of the best litter boxes for cats because of its size and well thought-off features. As a large litter box, it can accommodate even the largest breeds of cats, or it can be used to accommodate several small cats.


  • Size: From the outside, the IRIS litter box is 21 inches in length, 18.75 inches in width, and 17 inches in height. From the inside, the litter box is 15.25 inches in length, 14 inches in width, and 15.5 inches in height.
  • Color and shape: It is available in two different colors namely navy blue and almond light brown. The litter box is also available in a corner shape, so it can easily fit the corner of a room.
  • Walls: The high walls give your cat space, but it also prevents sprays and other wastes from getting out of the box.
  • Flap: The flap provides an easy way for cats to enter or exit the litter box. The flap is unique because it also provides that extra barrier to keep everything inside the litter box. This includes the kitty litter, cat wastes, and that unwelcome odor.
  • Handle: There is also a convenient handle located at the hood of the box, which makes it easier for pet owners to transport the litter box when they travel. Now you can bring the litter box with you wherever you go. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about spills or smells because it is almost contained in the box. The handle is also used to remove the upper half or hood of the litter box, which is great for those who prefer an open-top litter box for their cat or cats.
  • Extras: The IRIS litter box also comes with its very own litter scooper. This scooper fits well with the curved walls of the litter box so that cleaning the wastes from the kitty litter is made easier.


  • Ideal for large cats or several small cats
  • Keeps cat wastes inside the box
  • Easy access for cats
  • Comes with a free litter scooper
  • Convenient and portable
  • Convertible Litter Box
  • Available in two colors and shapes
  • Entrance lift provides a larger entrance
  • Non-stick sides for easy cleaning


  • The hooded flap can cramp entrance for multiple cats.
  • The high entrance can be difficult for older or injured cats to enter.
  • Flimsy flap
  • Corner grooves can collect cat pee



The Iris Jumbo Litter Box is a large, covered, handle-equipped litter box that provides the maximum space needed for your cat or cats to do their business. The large size and high walls provide the most space for even the most rotund of felines.

It also comes with a cat box lid on the cover or hood. Not only does this keep the odor controlled in one area, but it also helps to contain the cat spray.

The curved sides of the kitty box make it easier to clean the litter box, and it also helps when scooping the kitty litter at the end of every day. The lid is buckled securely into the bottom part of the box, but it can be removed to make it an open top litter box. The front lid with the flap can also be lifted to provide a larger opening for your cats to enter the litter box.


Let’s take a look at how the IRIS Jumbo Litter Box compares with one of the best litter boxes in the market. Let’s compare it with the Petmate 22026 Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan.

Much like the IRIS litter box, the Petmate litter box has high walls. It is a feature that gives more space for a cat to do its business.

One more similarity is how both litter boxes have handles at the top panel. This is a small extra feature that most people overlook, but it is handy and a tremendous help with maintaining a litter box, either by simply moving it out the way for cleaning it or transporting it to a different location when you move out. Both litter boxes are also made with the same sturdy and lightweight material that is non-stick and that can be easily cleaned.

The IRIS litter box has several advantages over the Petmate litter box. For one, the IRIS product has a flap over the entrance. Not only does this provide your cat or cats with privacy but it also helps contain unpleasant odors.

The front panel of the IRIS litter box can also be lifted for a larger entrance for cats and better access for owners to manage kitty litter and clean cat wastes. The IRIS litter box also comes with a free pooper scooper to manage your cat’s wastes. These small extra features and the fact that the IRIS litter box has a lower price range give it the edge over the Petmate 22026 Litter Pan.


Most litter boxes are made to accommodate average size cats, and while they can be used for larger breeds of cats, they can cause problems like kitty litter or sprays getting outside of the box. Smaller size litter boxes can also make your large cat uncomfortable, and this could discourage them from using the box when they have to go.

The Iris Jumbo Litter Box eliminates of all those problems, which makes it an excellent product for most cat owners. Whether you have multiple small cats, two medium-sized cats, or a large cat, this litter box won’t fail you. What is more convenient is that it can be moved around the house, as well as in other places without many hassles.

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