Top 7 Benefits of Owning a Cat and Things to Consider

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Are you looking to get a cat soon?

Those furry bundles of joy are the best thing that would happen to you if you are in search of an affectionate and independent pet. Cats, unlike dogs, do not crave for so much attention all the time and can take care of themselves.

Aside from the friendship, companionship, and love, it is scientifically accurate that owning a cat comes with a lot of health benefits. There are lots of options you can choose from depending on your needs too. You can choose to go for a fluffy lap cat if you are looking at a playful, needy pet or a quiet, reclusive cat if all you want is a sense of companionship.For a more in-depth explanation on why you should get a cat today, check out this top 7 health benefits of owning a cat.

Why Cats?

1. Relieve Stress and Anxiety

The thought of meeting your cat every day at home when you get back from work, school or your daily engagement is indeed calming — having a cat around triggers the release of relaxation chemicals that drastically reduces anxiety and stress levels.

These chemicals are good for the optimum functions of your heart. The best part is that it doesn’t take much effort to relax with cats, unlike dogs. Cats take care of themselves better. They are independent and not always needy.All it takes to relax with a cat is cuddle it up for a petting session which would make your mind away from distractions. Research has also shown that people who have owned a cat for over 10-years have 30% fewer chances of dying from a heart attack or heart-related diseases.Also, owning a cat reduces your chances of dying from stroke. Cat owners have fewer chances of dying from stroke as they are always distracted from long thinking sessions when they pet their cats.Don’t believe this? Have a long petting session with a cat today and enjoying the soothing benefits today!

Don’t believe this? Have a long petting session with a cat today and enjoying the soothing benefits right now!

2. Intense Healing Benefits.

For those looking for love and affection, owing a cat can be a great start. Research conducted in Austria in 2003 shows that having a cat is almost equivalent to having a romantic partner around in the house.Cats initiate contact most of the time and are known to remember every act of kindness shown to them. They are prompt, doting and will always spring up selfish surprises to your delight.

Cats are purely domesticated animals that have learned how to dwell amongst human. They can spur up actions that would instantly endear you to them. Cats purr and howl in a way that sounds just like human babies. This gives you the feeling of having someone else to attend and care for only like you respond to the cry of a baby.How does this help you heal?People going through mourning, difficult times and emotional breakdown can get relief by relaxing and talking to their cat. Cats are attentive, responsive and understand when you are feeling down.The calming effect that comes after a petting session triggers the body to release a hormone called oxytocin. The release of oxytocin comes with a refreshing feeling of love, trust and hope, hence keeps you going in difficult times. Recent studies have also shown that cats reduce anxiety and induce calmness in children with autism.Also, cat purring has extraordinary therapeutic abilities associated with the noise. When your cat purrs, it sends off this warm signal of comfort, happiness, and calm. The sound continually reminds you of a happy companion sitting somewhere close to you. This feeling warms up your heart and helps with any pain you may have.If you are in a sorry state and need someone to listen and not judge, you should consider getting a cat!

3. Reduces Allergies and Boosts Immunity

Science has proved that early exposure to cat furs and dander around your home increases your resistance to allergens and reduce the chances of suffering health attacks, Unbelievable right?The National Institutes of Health released a study in 2002 that explains how early exposure to a cat can help boost the immune system. The research shows that a child less than 12 months old when exposed to a cat, has fewer chances of developing all types of allergies.The study further explains that early pet exposure can protect the child from pet allergies and all other types of allergies found in kids like ragweed, grass and dust mites.

4. Reduces Blood Pressure

Aside from managing stress and anxiety, cat owners enjoy lower blood pressure when compared to their non-cat owners. Owning a cat brings so much companionship that helps regulate blood pressure. Cat owners converse with their pets and are less lonely.A study by the by the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute in Minneapolis shows that cat owners are less likely to have high blood pressure which reduces their chances of heart attack, stroke and other heart diseases.Also, having a cat will lower your triglycerides and cholesterol levels that could lead to several heart diseases. Thus, this further reduces your chances of suffering from liver, kidney and other diseases like diabetes.All these health benefits point to the calming effect of petting your cat.

5. Peaceful Night Sleep (well – almost!)

Having a cat (a mature cat-not a kitten- LOL) around at night helps you sleep soundly. Cats are warm, furry pets that warm you up and put you in the mood to sleep just by watching them cuddle up in your arms.Various research in the UK shows that most women sleep better around their cats than even their lover. Thus, they prefer to cuddle up with their cats when they need a good night sleep.Studies from the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine confirms these research with statistical data showing that 41% of the people studied slept better with their cat when compared to 20% of people that had compliance, with the rest feeling indifferent.So if you are looking for a lazy, sleepy-head companion, then you should get a cat.

6. A Better Environment

These days, the awareness to lead a life that saves the environment is on the rise. If you are one of the faithful spreading this good news, then you should consider getting a cat instead of a dog. Research in 2009 shows that feeding a dog in its lifetime takes up resources that leaves eco-footprint similar to that of a Land Cruiser.Cats feed more on fish and fish-related products with an eco-footprint of a small car. When you choose to get a cat for a pet, you are indirectly saving the world.Are you not convinced yet? This final piece will blow your mind!


7. Helps with the Girls

It never should be your primary motivation to have a cat, but studies have shown that women are more attracted to men that own cats because they are intelligent and sensitive.

Bottom Line (and the Things to Consider)

Owning a cat improves all aspect of your life. Cats are beautiful creatures that make the best companion with lesser dependability. Please, remember the cat is for life. It’s a great joy, but it’s a big responsibility as well. Everything that’s valuable comes with a price to pay. So, are you ready to clean the litter box? Are you prepared to budget for your cat’s needs? (Veterinary bills, food, insurance, toys, cat litter, and cat litter box – this list is not complete yet. Are you prepared to have not such good night sleep sometimes? -Especially when rising a kitten or having a young cat at home. Yes, cats are nocturnal animals, and they love to have a few ‘crazy hours’ in the middle of the night (but it’s lots of fun as well) If you answered – YES! Get yourself a cat today, and you will be glad you did!

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